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Erlé Monchanin

        I am 20 years old and I'm a student in second year at the Technical University of Angoulême (University of Poitiers, France) in Mutimedia and Internet Technologies. I graduated from Highschool with a major in science. I developed skills in audiovisual, infographics, communication and web developement. My studies allowed me to a develop a lot of new experience in software just like Illustratof, Photoshop or Final Cut Pro. I try to use those skills everytime to improve my créations. Many trips around the world allowed me to discover a lot and develop my senses of curiosity and discover. I'm passionate and interested by the images professions and my studies permise to give the best I can do.

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My Skills and Experiences


The audio-visual is the reason why I first choosed my stidies. I always have been passionned by sounds and images. I learned to use software like Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro on my own. I also did a traineeship in the nationale place name Le Théâtre in Saint-Nazaire where I worked with sound and light ingeneers. In second year, I made a institutionnal movie for a Jewelry in Angoulême.


I discovered Infographics when I went in the MIT and now my passion for graphics art is just growing. Software like Photoshop and Illustrator are really familliar to me and I develop my skills on Animate and Indesign and other softwares. I'm also have a Huion graphic tablet and I use to learn numeric draws on PaintTool SAI. In every projects that is about web developpement of communication, I always try to put a design, a logo, photographies or anything i realised.


My studies in the MMI permissed me to learn a lot about communication. In a lot of project we did realise the communication strategy about companies that were real and fictitious. I also progressed about storytelling, advertissement campaings and community managing. I did activly participate at the création of a Twitter account about my studies and I worked to make it work.


In the MIT, I acquiered a lot of knowledge in progamming permissing me to create a web site with HTML, CSS or Wordpress. I also learned languages like PHP, Javascript and SQL that permise me to create more valuable site. We learned to configuration of Linux servers. During projects, we had the opportinity to create web site for fictious and real companies.

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